My name is Pallavi and I’m a twenty-something reader and lover of books who keeps moving homes, bookshelves and sometimes countries.

I currently live and teach in a small university town in Karnataka, India. I keep this blog mainly for ramblings and rants on books and literature, Bollywood, politics, culture and occasionally other observations.

You can write to me at pallavi (dot) inabrownstudy (at) gmail (dot) com for feedback. You can also follow me on facebook at and I also tweet @pallavi_rao.

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  1. Great review!!!
    The Tamil version of Zero Degree is much better than the translated one, I think. And the poems towards the end are more fervent and heartwarming in the original.
    Thanks so much for bringing out a great,admirable writer of our times–an adjective which many people in TN may not take kindly to…:)

  2. Charu, news reaches you very quickly! I’m glad if you think I did it justice, so thank you.

    Thanks, Gayathri, yes, I’ve heard many more good things about the original; someday I do hope to attempt it. 🙂

  3. You’re amazing Pallavi…looking forward to your reviews…(I thought you’d get much more hate mails for reviewing ZD…:)

    • Aw, now there’s a comment to make my day. Thanks, Gayathri.

      And yes, I’m surprised a little too that hate mail hasn’t really come my way, but it may just be because not too many people read me. Seeing the positive side here. 🙂

  4. Always enjoy your writing, especially your review on “Zero Degree”. Would like to know you take on Charu’s short story translated by Nano (page 13 and on). I found it difficult to follow and decipher!

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