Litstuff: Links for May 2012


Will Self at Kafka’s Wound

Or is it only that every generation manufactures the Kafka they want, and while in the middle of the last century, the Kafka whose minatory tales foreshadowed the Holocaust and Soviet totalitarianism was, in contemporary governmental-business jargon, fit for purpose, now we require another kind of Kafka altogether? The constant here, surely, is irony.

25 Handy Words That Simply Don’t Exist In English

 Litost (Czech): a state of torment created by the sudden sight of one’s own misery

Mamihlapinatapai (Yaghan): A look between two people that suggests an unspoken, shared desire

Waldeinsamkeit (German): The feeling of being alone in the woods

Yoko meshi (Japanese): literally ‘a meal eaten sideways,’ referring to the peculiar stress induced by speaking a foreign language

30 Gorgeous and Innovative Bookshelves

My picks of the lot are

Tree bookcase designed by Roberto Corazza. [via]

Bookwave Hanging Storage. [via]

Circular walking bookcase designed by David Garcia.

5 Famous Writers Who Loathe E-Books via Kuzhali Manickavel

“F— them, is what I say. I hate those e-books. They cannot be the future. They may well be. I will be dead, I wont give a s—.” — Maurice Sendak

“Yahoo called me eight weeks ago. They wanted to put a book of mine on Yahoo! You know what I told them? ‘To hell with you. To hell with you and to hell with the Internet.’” — Ray Bradbury

Note: I do not necessarily agree with every link posted here. The views presented are of the author’s alone, and I post them out of interest. 

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